Whether you are a business manager, an R&D or IT manager or a project leader, Friday morning's program is dedicated to you.

Come and discover on Friday morning how the Brussels infrastructure can facilitate the integration of your solution with other Belgian and international solutions including their use by healthcare providers and patients. Experts from the medical world will share their experience from the field with you.

Program Friday 22 February AM

9h30                  Registration & coffee

10h00               Introduction – Didier Gosuin, ministre bruxellois de la santé (FR)

10h15                Which possibilities enables the sharing of structured healthdata for you ?  - prof Vincent Dubois & Pablo d'Alcantara (FR)

10h40                Exchange with the multi-disciplinary to allow continuity of care: Overview of business rules in a multidisciplinary context. – Tim Weltens, Wit-Gele Kruis (NL)

11h00                 Coffeebreak

11h20                 Why using international standards ? Why IHE ? – Pieter Devolder & Karlien Erauw, IHE Belgium (EN)

11h40                IHE Europe: interoperability showcase from Europe  – Alexander Berler, IHE Europe (EN)

12h10                What support can the Brussels region offer to your project ? – Azèle Mahieu, lifetech.brussels (FR)

12h35                 Brusafe+, your gateway to share healthdata on the Belgian market - Christine de Bray (FR) & Filoretta Velica (NL), Abrumet

13h00                 Networking lunch

For questions please contact Karlien Erauw (Agoria) (karlien.erauw@agoria.be) or Filoretta Velica (Abrumet) (filoretta.velica@abrumet.be).