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Belrobotics: lawnmowers in the era of the IoT

Published on 04/05/21

Accuracy down to the blade of grass, savings in terms of human power, time and energy, and no waste to dispose of. Belrobotics literally revolutionized the maintenance of sports fields thanks to an innovative and unique solution: robotic mowers which are capable of autonomously maintaining large grass areas.

This Belgian innovation soon took over the European market. From the early 2000s, Belrobotics opened the robotic mower market. Today a member of the Japanese giant Yamabiko Corporation, Belrobotics is a key player in the maintenance of world-renowned sports infrastructure. Each year, more than 500 Belrobotics robotic mowers are sold in Europe. In Germany, around 400 football fields are mowed by these autonomous robots which ensure a perfect cut without human intervention.

Yet, this flagship of the Belgian manufacturing industry won’t rest on its laurels, and aspires to position itself as world leader. “We will soon embark on the conquest of markets outside Europe, with the United States and Asia in our sights,” says Sales Director at Belrobotics, Diederick Geerinckx.

At the same time, Belrobotics engineers, in cooperation with research centres and universities, are developing a new, even more innovative, generation of robots, with enhanced user experience attributes: “We could compare the transition that awaits us with the mobile phone evolution, from the Nokia 3320 to the smartphone. Tomorrow, our robots will be equipped with a much more intuitive interface; there will be an application to remotely control them, and they will be able to report on the state of the terrain. In short, we will fully harness the opportunities offered by the Internet of Things,” concludes Diederick Geerinckx.

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