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Agoria helps federal government to become a ‘Smart Nation’

Published on 06/07/21 by Peter Ansoms
On Wednesday, 30 June, Secretary of State for Digitalization, Mathieu Michel, brought Digital Minds together for the first time. The secretary of state wanted to bring together 22 actors from the academic world, the world of entrepreneurs and investors,... who are active in the digital world in Belgium and abroad. One of these people is Bart Steukers, CEO of Agoria.

The Digital Minds will be in charge of analysing and optimizing the impact of the recovery plan and the structuring projects developed in Belgium in the digital field. Their role will be to inform, while respecting everyone's responsibility, all public and private actors on the best way to implement the relaunch projects in order to maximize their positive impact on society. This strategy aims to achieve the best possible efficiency in the context of the significant investments of the plan for recovery and resilience, which allocates no less than €1.3 billion for digitization at all levels of competence. 

#Smartnation: convergence, inclusive and ambitious 

Mathieu Michel, Secretary of state in charge of digitalization: "Today, digital in Belgium suffers from an overly fragmented landscape. Together we need to be more convergent, inclusive and ambitious in order to develop a 'SmartNation' mentality. More than any other dynamic, digital must have this mindset so we can break the chains that prevent us from becoming even better. To be a #SmartNation is to be a territory that is able to mobilize its citizens and businesses around a common vision that is entirely focused on excellence. It is a territory that is unleashing its ambitions to conquer the world without leaving anyone on the sidelines. By developing a solid network of people mobilized around common goals and structuring projects, I am convinced that we can build a common success. And it is this success that will make us a #SmartNation."

Bart Steukers, CEO of Agoria: "Digitalization is one of the cross-sectional basic pillars for our economy and society of today and tomorrow. Agoria will therefore participate actively in the 'Digital Minds' initiative, to help optimize the implementation of the relance plan and to support the development of structuring projects."

Secretary of State Michel and Bart Steukers (Agoria).

#SmartNation : a digital strategy with 5 axes 

The Digital Minds will work on a more regular basis in the form of "Councils" built around the 5 axes of a #SmartNation: 

  • A rapid digital transformation for a strong economy
  • Investing in digital human capital
  • A digital government for all
  • Strengthening trust, transparency and security
  • State-of-the-art digital infrastructure and innovative ecosystems

These 5 axes are based on the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) ranking and will enable us to track our country's digital evolution on an international scale.
The members of the Digital Minds: Nathanael Ackerman (AI4Belgium), Karen Boers (BeCode, BeCentral), Guillaume Boutin (Proximus), Marion De Bruyne (Vlerick Business School), Geertrui Mieke De Ketelaere (IMEC), Philippe Destatte (Destree Institute), Julie Foulon (Girleek), Thierry Geerts (Google), Peter Hinssen (Nexxworks), Laurent Hublet (BeCentral), Axel Legay (UCL), Omar Mohout (Sirris), Claire Munck (BeAngels), Ibrahim Ouassari (Molengeek), Frédéric Pivetta (AI4Belgium), Pierre H. Rion (Conseil du Numérique), Stephan Salberter (LN24), Nathalie Smuha (IA&Ethics), Bart Steukers (Agoria), Barbara Van den Haute (Digitaal Vlaanderen), Koen Van Loo (FSPI) et Saskia Van Uffelen (Digital Champion Belgium).

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