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5G – EU Cyber security assessment report

Published on 07/11/19 by Ilse Haesaert
The 'EU coordinated risk assessment of the cybersecurity of 5G networks report’ sets out the key common findings that have emerged from Member State national risk assessments of 5G networks.

The report runs through the technologies used within 5G networks (SDN, NFV, network splicing, mobile edge computing) and highlights how these technologies can pose vulnerabilities both individually and through the increased attack surface.

In addition, the report maps out the threat landscape and the threat actors:


The EU will now seek to come up with a so-called toolbox of measures by the end of the year to address cyber security risks at national and bloc-wide level.

The European Agency for Cybersecurity is also finalising a map of specific threats related to 5G networks.

 You can find the full press release here.


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