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Development and validation of Driving Monitoring Systems : two major challenges for the automotive industry

Published on 02/04/21 by Sébastien Paternotte
At the end of 2019, the European Commission published a revision of the General Safety Regulation (EU) 2019/2144, also known as GSR.  That regulation will gradually introduce the mandatory installation of advanced safety systems from 2022 on new vehicles sold in the European Union.  These new obligations are aimed at achieving the ambitious "vision zero" target.  That means almost zero deaths or serious injuries on the roads by 2050.

The Commission is now in the process of finalising the delegated acts that will detail the technical requirements for these new systems.  Some of the draft texts are already available such as for Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning systems (DDAW), Intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) and Emergency Lane-Keeping Systems (ELKS).

 The DDAW is part of the so called Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) that provide information about the driver and his behaviour.  These systems are used in various applications to improve safety but also comfort and user experience.  Their development and validation are 2 major challenges for the automotive industry but also for the regulators to keep them affordable while improving road safety and encouraging user adoption.

Agoria is actively involved in the development of the DDAW regulation providing the expertise of its members in the dedicated Clepa working groups.  The focus was on the development of a validation protocol as it involves a large number of technical and human factors.  While technical issues can be assessed in a fairly objective and straightforward way, the assessment of human factors is more complex. 

Phasya, a member of Agoria, shares its vision about the future of DMS development and validation methodologies in an interesting publication.  This White Paper presents a validation methodology based on a multi-level and multidisciplinary approach and provides recommendations for enabling a more agile and affordable development of future DMS.

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