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First call for proposals for the LIFE programme expected around 12 July

Published on 07/07/21 by Nele Laus
The new LIFE programme - the European programme for the environment and climate action - will soon be launched, with a new sub-programme entitled "Clean Energy Transition". This programme focuses on market introduction, breaking down market barriers, demonstration of new models, policy development, development and rollout of best practices and citizen empowerment. In addition, a project proposal on climate mitigation, adaptation or governance can be submitted within the Climate Change sub-programme.

Ca. €1 billion budget 

The LIFE programme consists of 4 components, for which a total budget of ca. €1 billion has been allocated for the next 7 years. The call for projects in 2021 has an indicative budget of €94.5 million and targets around 60-65 projects in total. The publication of the work programme for the years 2021-2024 and the launch of the first calls for projects is expected in the week of 12 July 2021. The calls for projects will be published on the Funding and Tenders Portal. The deadline for submission of project proposals is expected to be around November-December.

Accelerating the renovation wage 

The programme provides several opportunities to accelerate the renovation wave. In the Clean Energy Transition programme, specific themes have been defined that are geared to integrated solutions for the residential climate renovation market, scaling up measures, innovative business models, building the necessary skills in the labour market and innovative financing models. For the Climate Change component, the themes are greenhouse gas emission reduction, renewable energy, energy efficiency, climate adaptation and governance and the climate pact.

European funding of up to 95% 

LIFE projects are partly funded by the European Commission and partly by the partners. The level of this co-funding  depends on the programme component; for Clean Energy Transition projects it is 95% and for Climate Change projects 60% of the total project costs. In addition, there are requirements for the projects concerning the composition of the consortium. Consortia for the Clean Energy Transition projects must include about 10 partners from at least three different EU member states. For the Climate Change projects, transnational cooperation is not necessary.

Flanders would be delighted to help you on your way

The Vlaams Energie- en Klimaatagentschap (VEKA) [Flemish Energy and Climate Agency] wants to focus more on using European funding for the realization of the Flemish energy and climate objectives in the coming years. An EU financing team has been set up in VEKA to that end. More specifically, the VEKA will act as the Flemish contact point for the LIFE programme Clean Energy Transition. 
Are you involved in a project that contributes to the energy and climate objectives and are you in search of European funding? The EU funding team would be happy to review the options with you. 

For more information, click here for a description of the activities of the EU Funding Team or contact them directly by e-mail

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