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Belgian Rail Day: Rethinking European railways and spotting business opportunities

Published on 25/11/21 by Amélie Cardyn
It is high time to change our view of the rail sector. Rail is a promising, high-tech sector. Moreover, high-performance rail transport can contribute to solving certain social problems, starting with climate change. For this, the rail sector needs ideas, innovations and new competences. Can your company play a role in this?

At Agoria and FEB we believe that the Belgian industry and service sector should not sit back and wait for a high performance rail to "finally arrive". We urgently need to take more ownership of the EU rail project! Belgian companies have the expertise, the technology and the solutions to address the challenges that currently hamper the smooth running of the rail sector.

This is why an online symposium entitled "Belgian Rail Day" was organised on the morning of Wednesday 17 November 2021, as part of Europalia Trains & Tracks, in collaboration with Europalia, FEB and Agoria.

During this conference, which combined a European vision with concrete industrial cases, we explored how new partnerships can lead to brilliant solutions, how cross-sectoral innovation can be financed and how companies from all sectors can contribute to the smooth running of the single European railway area.

All companies - manufacturing and digital - were invited to attend the symposium on European rail, its developments, and the opportunities for domestic companies.  Rail needs new skills, not only from the usual players.

The full film of the conference can be viewed here: 

The programme was moderated by journalist Rob Heirbaut and included the following speakers:

  • Adina Vălean, EU Commissioner for Transport, Henrik Hololei, Director-General for Mobility and Transport
  • Georges Gilkinet, Belgian Federal Minister of Mobility
  • But also testimonies from companies of all sizes and concrete industrial cases: Anno Borkowski from Lanxess, Paul Hegge from Lineas, Stanislas Pinte from The Signalligne Company, Pierre Meunier from Alstom...
  • We will also welcome an Austrian expert, Florian Auer, Director of Technology and Innovation, Plasser & Theurer
  • Josef Doppelbauer, Director of the European Railway Agency
  • Martin Brennan, from the UIC
  • Carlo Borghini, from Shift2Rail 


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