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Benefits of Agoria membership

Agoria connects everyone who is inspired by technology. As a member, you – as well as our ca. 2,000 other members - will get all the support and expertise you need to boost the success of your company . But also to help shape your sector. Together, we will take the right steps towards a sustainable future. Discover below the specific benefits for each Agoria member.

1. Count on tailored guidance

Call upon tailored guidance based on your needs and requirements; innovate and make progress with sector-specific business advice and assistance. Our 200 business companions help your internal staff. They are a true extension of your company. We inform, inspire and connect -- for your well-being and that of your employees.

2. Underpin your actions with data and research

Base your decisions of tomorrow on relevant numbers and analysis of today: Reference wages, market prices of materials, sales and energy prices, etc. Trust Agoria to provide valuable data that is relevant to your sector and that increases the impact and support for your actions.

3. Expand your reach

Be part of a large network of colleagues and competitors, customers and suppliers, educational institutions, policy makers, administrators and other technology stakeholders. Collaborate in the interest of your sector and society. Discover new opportunities to grow your business.

4. Let your voice be heard

Your vision has an impact on the collective positions that Agoria formulates towards the government and other stakeholders. Experienced policy units use it to protect your interests at all political, economic and social policy levels. That is how we jointly create a favourable economic climate, a more inclusive society, a highly innovative Belgium, and a superior quality of life.

5. Expand your knowledge and grow

Be confident in yourself by having a clear picture of the future. We help you look ahead and move forward by giving you timely information on current events in your work area and granting you access to a wide range of articles, documents, tools and training courses.

Can your company become a member?

It is only by connecting the right people, technologies and companies that anyone can make rapid technological progress. Do you consider your own company to be a technology-inspired company? Check quickly whether you qualify for Agoria membership.

Can my company become a member?