About BSDI

The Belgian Security & Defence Industry (BSDI) association represents the national security and defence industry. As such, its main objectives are to safeguard and promote the member companies as well as their products and services, both at home and abroad.

The Belgian Security and Defence Industry is well known for its high level of technology, quality and management skills acquired over the years from its involvement in international cooperation programs with European and international partners.

Small countries
Small countries certainly have an active role to play in European cooperation on defence equipment and systems, not only as buyers but also as suppliers or co-suppliers. An intelligent sharing of roles and capabilities certainly helps the stable development of cooperation in Europe. Historically, small countries have often contributed to the ambitions of Europe by providing the flexibility and realism that make it possible.

International cooperation
Clearly Belgian companies must increasingly cooperate with foreign industries if they want to take part in supplying modern, cost-effective systems.

The BSDI supports all initiatives that move in this direction, whether they focus on research and technologies, security of supply, intra-regional exchanges or development and production programs.

  • 15.000 employees
  • 1.5 billion turnover
  • Represent 90% of the Security & Defense Industry
  • More than 90% for export
  • 36 membres 
BSDI exist to respond to the wishes of the authorities and the sector's industrialists, the BSDI was formed in 1989.


BSDI’s objectives:
  • To represent, defend and coordinate the interests of the Security and Defence industry in Belgium and abroad, strengthen the ties between the Security and Defence industry and the relevant national and international authorities;
  • To inform industry and help it widen access to the market;
  • To promote the Belgian Security & Defence industry's products;
  • To participate with the Belgian authorities in working out a national industrial policy;
  • Manager of participation to international exhibitions:
    • IDEX
    • FIDAE
    • DSEI
    • LAAD
    • ... ;
  • Legal advisor BSDI organizes BSDI booth at international and national exhibitions.

Areas of Activities

Areas of Activities of Members:

  • Telecommunication systems
  • Aeronautical and Space Systems :
    • Airframes with metallic and composite structures
    • Wiring assemblies and optical fibers
    • Propulsion systems and launchers
    • Avionics (displays and communication systems)
    • Satellite payloads and ground systems
  • Protective clothing and equipment
  • Weapons and ammunition
  • Night vision systems, optics, optronics & battle management systems
  • Composite materials
  • Land mobility (armoured vehicles, tracks and wheels)
  • Flexible containers
  • Software solutions


  • Roland Teheux

    Director Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence industries
    +32 2 706 89 07
    +32 479 74 95 91

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