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René Konings : Be.Brussels. Be.Ambitious

Published on 12/12/18 by Sibylle Dechamps
Brussels has hundreds of technology companies of all sizes, ready to invest in our city and collaborate. These companies are an ideal partner to fulfill the ambitions of our beautiful city.

Agoria's memorandum is a series of very concrete recommendations on essential themes for technology companies and other stakeholders. In light of the elections on 26 May 2019, we asked Laurent Hellebaut, EU Affairs Coordinator at Agoria, three questions.

What do you believe should be the first step the new government takes based on the memorandum?


Be ambitious. Be.Brussels, Be.Ambitious is not the title of our memorandum by accident. Brussels is alive, international and entrepreneurial. It is no wonder that many technology companies decide to establish themselves in Brussels. Technology companies love Brussels and have ambitions for our city! But many opportunities are not being seized. Brussels offers many opportunities, but these require investing in the technological infrastructure of the future, being accessible, drawing upon labour market talent and working on the city's image.

Can you tell me to what extent Agoria's recommendations are also essential for society in general (companies and citizens)? 

Technology companies are the job motor of Belgium. Because these companies create jobs but also because they provide technical solutions to citizens, government and other companies. There are many hundreds of technology companies, from start-ups, scale-ups to large companies, all ready to invest in Brussels and collaborate together. Technology companies are ideal partners when it comes to realising the ambitions of this beautiful city. 

Setting up recommendations is good. Acting is better. What is Agoria going to do to support the realisation of the recommendations? 

We are a partner in most policy domains. For example, the labour market. Brussels has lots of talent. The future is digital. Through training courses at our companies or via various training centres as their partner we want to help everyone find a job. But also as a provider of specific solutions for mobility, energy, healthcare and environmental issues. Brussels is to transform into a smart city, which requires investments in, among others, 5G, smart applications, eGov, electric mobility, the circular economy and more. Our city has to move into the 21st century. 

Read Agoria's full memorandum here:

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