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Strike on 29 March : irresponsible and dangerous

Published on 17/03/21
The unions have announced a national day of strike action on 29 March as part of the inter-professional negotiations. Almost all strikes are regrettable, but the one on 29 March is totally irresponsible and dangerous. In addition, it comes on top of the strikes that have already hit several companies in recent weeks.

Why are these strikes dangerous?

  • We are facing a very serious health crisis, where we are only starting to glimpse the end of the tunnel. Needless to say, this crisis has had major economic, social and budgetary repercussions. Recovery measures are essential to get us back on track. So these strikes are the last thing we need.
  • These strikes are doing enormous damage to the reputation of our companies abroad. How can we explain this to their many parent companies, which are located in countries that also favour the social consultation model? These strikes therefore only provide arguments for the international parent companies, to the detriment of future investments in our country.
  • Confidence in our social dialogue, where the barometer was already falling, is taking a further hard knock. Some people, including those who still believed in it not so long ago, are now turning their backs on it.
  • Finally, contrary to what the unions claim, the salary increases are not "only 0.4%", but 3.25%, i.e. i.e. eight times that figure!

The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

The above answer is also the one we gave to the trade unions.

The FEB flyer with data and figures is available here. 

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