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Bart Steukers CEO of Agoria

Bart Steukers
Published on 01/04/21
Bart Steukers is CEO of the technology federation Agoria as this day. With a degree in commercial engineering and an MBA under his belt, Bart has been working as Agoria's Context Director since 2016. He set the course for Agoria's activities in the digital and manufacturing industry, helped shape the study centre and coordinated the representation of interests. Prior to that, he worked for eleven years at Unisys, where he rose to General Manager Continental Europe, and eighteen years at IBM as Public Sector Executive for Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Bart was also a business angel for a while.


‘That great affinity with the technology sector and his involvement with Agoria were important elements for the Board of Directors to appoint him', says his predecessor Marc Lambotte, who is retiring today. ‘That, in combination with the successful way in which he developed 'Be The Change', our project about the future of the labour market, thanks to which the recipes for the labour market revival are already on the table. We know exactly which jobs will disappear by 2030, which ones will be created, and who should undergo further training or retraining.’

Vaccination campaign

Bart heads the federation of a varied sector: "This is where my interest in start-ups, climate and the labour market come together. For example, the demand for highly qualified profiles is booming, but we also have to guide a lot of inactive people into work. Add the COVID crisis to the mix, and now is the time to move a stone in the river. Agoria actively supports the government's vaccination campaigns. Our members can make a personalized poster or image (article in French) to encourage their colleagues or network to get vaccinated."

Coronavirus scan

Agoria has recently also made a scan (article in French) available to the entire business community. "This is an important criterion for determining whether your company is doing well in the fight against the coronavirus", says Bart. "In cases where teleworking is not one hundred percent possible, we offer companies a free scan, the COVID Industry Risk Scan, with which you can test whether you are working COVID-proof. This scan has already passed the test of the social inspectorates several times. More than 500 technology companies have already used our scan, including Atlas Copco and FIB Belgium."


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