Agoria paves the way for all technology-inspired companies in Belgium that increase our quality of life through the development and application of technological innovations. "Improving quality of life", that's our main objective.

Agoria's unique position, special know-how and extensive network form the basis on which we help create the context to strengthen the dream marriage between entrepreneurial drive and technology, for the benefit of four elements that concern each of us:


Technology allows us to protect the environment and climate, meet our energy needs, create a circular economy and build "smarter" solutions.


Technology is an indispensable tool for stimulating personal development, creating a more efficient work environment and enabling a healthier, safer and more comfortable lifestyle.


The way people live together is the foundation of our society. And the fuel for major social changes? From the invention of the wheel to artificially intelligent robots... technology!  The members of the Agoria ecosystem make significant contributions to progress on a daily basis.


Industry is the main engine of economic development and prosperity. Continuous technological innovation enables our companies to differentiate themselves competitively and translate that lead into value creation, jobs and prosperity.