At a time when amusement parks must constantly reinvent themselves, how can they stand out and above all, in what way will the technologies of tomorrow open up new horizons? On November 28th, at the Annual Assembly of the Building & Urban Technology Club, we will have the honour of welcoming Julien Kauffmann, Chief Transformation Officer of Disneyland Paris.

Security and safety, visitor experience, innovation, digitization, the challenges are huge, but so is the potential leveraged by our flagship technology companies. Nothing should be impossible, certainly in Mickey's world!

 Julien Kauffmann is leading a working group whose mission is to understand the new challenge related to the development of Disneyland Paris and to propose innovative solutions for the resort.  He will therefore impart on us his vision of the Disneyland Paris Park, a park that he has seen evolve since 2003. A unique experience that he will share with the members of the Building & Urban Technology Club.

 During the Annual Assembly of the club you will of course also receive an update on the upcoming activities for next year and also meet the active members & stakeholders of the 6 other Business development clubs of Agoria during a unique Networking event! Hope to see you there !




Tuesday 28 November 2017


BluePoint Brussels
Bd A. Reyers 80
1030 Bruxelles

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