Our organisational structure is founded on expertise centres, market teams, industry teams and policy units. Discover them here!

Expertise Centres

Leading experts answer your questions on, among other topics, talent and the labour market, innovation, energy, the environment, socio-legal issues, well-being at work, taxation, regulations and standardization.

The Innovation Expertise Centre

The Innovation Expertise Centre (IEC) answers any questions from companies on innovation and related topics. Its experts provide inspiration and support companies in the implementation of innovation projects.

The Environment Expertise Centre

The Environment Expertise Centre helps companies address the challenges presented by the ever more stringent environmental regulations and the increasing pressure on companies to control their impact on the environment.

The People & Organisation Expertise Centre

The People & Organisation expertise centre supports the development and implementation of their HR activities of companies. The support is provided based on their areas of expertise: labour market, social dialogue, education and training courses as well as rules and regulations.

The Regulation & Standards Expertise Centre

The Regulation & Standards Expertise Centre advises on general regulations, technical regulations and standardisation, and this at regional, federal, European and international levels.

The Energy Expertise Centre

The Energy Expertise Centre helps companies to achieve greater energy efficiency, while contributing to the growth of the technology industry.

Data & Statistical Services

The Data & Statistical Services Expertise Centre provides information on the economic development of sectors and markets: e.g. turnover, added value, employment, exports, and investments. We conduct financial analyses and monitor costs and prices (inflation, energy, raw materials, wages, etc.).


The Agoria Market teams help you promote your offering on the market, identify market opportunities for your products or services, and forge sustainable partnerships in Belgium and abroad. We are currently focusing on the following markets: Building & Urban Development; Energy; Financial Services; Food & Beverage; Healthcare; Transport & Mobility; Machine Construction & Production Systems; and Sports & Entertainment Events.

Healthcare Technology Club

The Healthcare Technology Club stands with Belgian companies that supply products, solutions and services specific to the local or international medical sector. This includes solutions related to eHealth, electro-medical appliances, medical consumables or still, sterilization and diagnostics solutions.

Building & Urban Development Technology Club

The Building & Urban Development Technology Club represents Belgian technology, product and service providers for construction and infrastructure projects. For instance, this team is running the Smart Cities project – a strategic, information and advice platform on trends as well as technological solutions.

Financial Services Technology Club

The Financial Services Technology Club represents the interests of companies specialising in providing IT solutions for the financial industry market: e-banking or secure payment software, authentication hardware solutions, ...…

Energy Technology Club

The Energy Technology Club acts as an ecosystem of companies active in energy services and technology, for both the renewable energy and conventional energy generation sectors.

Food & Beverage Technology Club

The Food & Beverage Technology Club guides Belgian players in food technology (design and manufacturing of equipment for the food industry, customized solutions for food processing).

Transport & Mobility Technology Club

The Transport & Mobility Technology Club serves the developers, manufacturers and suppliers of products, systems and technology solutions intended for the transport and mobility market. The focus is primarily on the automotive sector, freight transport, public transport, transport infrastructure and personal mobility.

Machine Construction & Production Systems Technology Club

The Machine Construction & Production Systems Technology Club brings together Belgian technology companies active not only in the design, construction and subcontracting of machinery and machinery spare parts, but also systems and processes used for the transformation or production of goods (including for agriculture).

Sports & Entertainment Technology Club

The Sports & Entertainment Technology Club brings together Belgian technology companies active in the arena of international sport, especially with regard to construction, media technology, sports equipment, hosting solutions, as well as access control systems and security.


By offering advice, tools and organising workshops and networking events, the Agoria Industry teams support you when it comes to meeting the present and future strategic challenges in your industry, whatever the sector: Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries; Building, Contracting & Technical Services Industries; Digital Industries; Manufacturing Industries; and Materials Industries.

Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries

Aeronautics, Space, Security & Defence Industries brings together companies active in the aerospace and space sectors as well as in the defence and security technology sector. These companies are often world leaders in niche markets.

Building, Contracting & Technical Services Industries

Building Contracting & Technical Services Industries works for companies active in the sectors of installation and maintenance as well as facilities, infrastructure and industries management. These companies offer products systems and services related to this sector.

Digital Industries

Digital Industries represents many IT oriented companies. These companies supply products, software, systems, services and solutions used to carry, process and manage different information formats, including images, audio and data.

Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing Industries serves companies specialising in the production and subcontracting of products, services and solutions intended for the manufacturing industry, in particular transport solutions and smart vehicles as well as production systems.

Materials Industries

Materials Industries assists not only non-ferrous metal producers, foundries and manufacturers of metal, plastics and composites products, but also companies subcontracting mechanical assemblies.

Telecom Industries

Telecom Industries represents operators of telecommunication networks and services who are active on the Belgian market.

Policy units

Experienced Policy units also defend your interests, lobbying at all levels of power.


At the federal level, our priority areas of action centre on the reduction of salary costs, the boosting of competitiveness and the funding of exports.

Agoria Wallonie

In Wallonia, Agoria Wallonie's efforts are focused on cost control, innovation (product, business, process), cooperation with the world of training (work-based training in particular) and alleviating shortages of technological staff.

Agoria Brussel/Bruxelles

In Brussels, Agoria Brussel/Bruxelles' main preoccupation is mobility, along with the promotion of certain talents and the 'smart city'.

Agoria Vlaanderen

In Flanders, Agoria Vlaanderen works to promote an effective industrial policy, the development of technological talent and the support of industrial innovation.


At the European level, our guiding threads are the internal market (the free circulation of products & services, a single digital market, the mobility of workers), the circular economy, energy policy, innovation programmes and external trade.