In these difficult times, creative entrepreneurship is necessary. In order to remain fully operational, help customers and generate revenue, many members of the Sports & Entertainment Technology Club proactively sought alternative solutions. Some companies even managed to conclude international contracts. An overview.


As many of their activities are event-linked, the impact is quite heavy for Arendsoog. But if you have to look for alternatives in a crisis, you are too late. Arendsoog has set up a collaboration with ZOO Antwerpen and ZOO Planckendael. The parks are at their best at the moment, everything is in bloom, the animals are coming out again and yet people can't go and see it. That is why Arendsoog provides a 360° shot where people can see the animals very close.


Due to the circumstances all live sports games have been cancelled or postponed, Kiswe had to look for alternatives to keep the company profitable, they found them. Thanks to the cooperation of several companies, the very first lockdown edition of the Tour of Flanders was created.

This unique collaboration started when Kiswe reached out to the CEO of Flanders Classics, Tomas Van Den Spiegel, with the idea of keeping the event alive by turning it into a virtual race. Kiswe's cloud technology was able to deliver a radical vision of this live event, even with many complex variables.


Lapauw didn't want to watch how the disinfection of hospital beds & trolleys takes several hours for the hospital staff. These hours are lost to the hospital staff and therefore they can't help against the corona virus. Lapauw came up with a solution for the nursing staff. Lapauw made specialised machines to disinfect the hospital beds and trolleys in an efficient way.

  • Mobile Locker

Due to the disappearance of festivals and events, Mobile Locker has thousands of automated lockers that can be used mobile and outdoors. These units are equipped with state of the art software that can easily be linked to other platforms. These smart lockers can be used for contactless transfer of goods, first or last mile initiation, storage, etc. An example of this is the collaboration with Tesla, who fully opts for Mobile Locker.

  • NEP

Due to the disappearance of all sports, entertainment and corporate events, NEP started looking for other possibilities to offer their services. They came up with the idea of organising webcasts, webinars or (corporate) live events. They use all their available resources towards companies in all sectors (profit and non-profit), universities, schools and other organisations to stay in touch and strengthen interaction with their target group.



Rtloc provides position tracking in sports. As the sports (event) sector is highly impacted so is sports technology. Rtloc isn’t able to give demo’s abroad due to the crisis. In the past, they were busy developing a wireless mesh of devices where in a mesh of tags all distances are calculated. This system was created with a sports-related mind, but they never sold it. In the times of the corona virus, social distancing is the key to “flatten the curve”. This system could be what the community is searching for.


When the first cancellations of numerous events flooded in and the first infestations in the country were detected, Veldeman decided to put the released stock of tents to those who needed them. With a triage tent, they create an additional space for the hospitals to accommodate a large flow of patients. In such a tent they can perform the first tests on COVID-19. Veldeman has meanwhile built a triage tent for various hospitals, including the Maas and Kempen hospitals.

  • WNM

WNM's main business is live entertainment, companies events, and sports for radio/television which are completely stopped. Due to this crisis, they needed to search for better alternatives.

They read somewhere that the hospitals are facing issues regarding the communication between the COVID-19 patients in their rooms and the nursing staff. Most of the time because these new COVID-19 sections are temporary build and they don’t have all the facilities available such as in the rest of the hospital. Based on that, WNM suggested the regional hospital in Liege that they are able to deliver a reliable full duplex intercom system based on smartphone’s patient (with a free app).


Supercolor and Panama, who have branding as corporate business, saw a strong branding opportunity in this corona crisis. Due to the fact that the corona virus is so easy to transmit, there are strict precautions regarding social distancing and regular hand washing. They want to keep reminding people that these measures are necessary thanks to their stickers and placards. They are also the ones who take care of the security of the cashier in the supermarkets by means of their plastic plates. 


Content stadium provides social media video content. The real impact of corona on started end of February. A bit later the first big sports events got cancelled. Content Stadium had to close its 5 offices and had to find out aid measurements for The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France and the US.

Early March it became very serious and they saw more and more customers becoming very distrustful because of the lack of knowledge that hung around Corona. The sports and culture sector is one of the sectors that has been hit very hard. Which obviously impacted our revenue. Nothing was cancelled, but a lot got delayed.

Their design and development teams kept on working and offered additional support to several clients. They started building new features (to be released soon). But in order to help their customers in sports generating engagement on their channels, they released a free "Corona template" (3 sizes)Customers can use the free template to create engaging, entertaining and throwback content, e.g. to let fans vote for their favourite historical sports moment, ask their opinion on certain topics, play trivia games, etc.  Content Stadium also concluded a contract with Lotto, who wants to  visualize their heroes of the past decade. 

  • EVS

Despite the corona virus EVS (the leading provider of live video technology for broadcast and new media productions), concluded a deal with a Swedish newspaper in order to power their studio productions. Their Dyvi system continues to grow across multiple live video production segments due to its customer friendly usage. It’s a powerful package to entertain audiences like never before. 

  • PRG

Due to the corona virus and the volume of this virus. PRG known for live event, entertainment and scenic production wanted to make a difference. With their know-how they’re now helping the patients and health workers in Berlin and New York. In New York they’re helping with the production of face shields for the health workers. In Berlin they’re busy to fully equip a temporary hospital. From ligthing, gas and water pipes to 25 tons of cabling for the basic supply of electricity for the different beds.