The corona crisis is having a severe impact on the Sports & Entertainment sector. Almost all events in the past three months have been postponed or even cancelled. But what about the companies? They certainly haven't been left behind. During the Virtual RE-START Event on 8 June, various players and solutions passed in review. Click here for a short summary made by Kanaal Z!

Nicholas Bourdon, Chief Marketing Officer of EVS and Chairman of Agoria's Sports & Entertainment Technology Club: "In the last three months, almost all sports and entertainment activities have been put on hold in order to respect the safety and security rules imposed by the majority of countries in the world. This has created an unprecedented crisis in the sports and entertainment sector and the financial loss has been announced as one of the largest since World War II. We already know that this sector will need years of effort to recover".

Onwards to a "new normal"

"Several countries are already announcing plans to resume the organisation of sporting events in the coming weeks. The authorities are also imposing strict rules regarding security and safety, social distance, crowd management, etc.". Some of these rules will have consequences in the short term, but others will become permanent. It will create a "new normal" in the world of sport and entertainment," said Nicholas Bourdon.

During the Virtual RE-START Event on 8 June, 20 member companies of Agoria's Sports & Entertainment Technology Club showed how they worked on innovative solutions during the corona crisis, which will help organisers of sports and other events to resume their activities in the best possible conditions.

Indeed, one of Agoria's Sports & Entertainment Technology Club's missions is to help sports and entertainment organisations integrate sustainable and innovative Belgian technologies for high performance, to enhance the fans' experience and to seize new business opportunities.

Kanaal Z made an excellent recap of the event and some of the solutions that were discussed. Take a look at the video here.

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