Trailers, Semi-trailers and Bodywork

The Trailers, Semi-trailers and Bodywork group consists of manufacturers of chassis and/or bodies of large and small trailers and semi-trailers for standard and oversize load vehicles but also for buses and coach manufacturers and part and technology suppliers.

Core activities

    • The company manager committee meets biannually to discuss socio-economic aspects that are significant for the industry and to draw up the required action plans for the next time period.
    • A working group is organised every three months in partnership with the Regulations and standardisation expertise centre. It focuses on regulations regarding transport, homologation, driving licences, vehicle registration and technical regulations for vehicles. The priorities and points of view within the working group are determined during the various regional, federal and international consultation platforms.
    • Agoria was present at the birth of the CLCCR (Comité de Liason de la Construction de Carrosserie et de Remorques; Liaison Committee of the Body and Trailer Building Industry), a body with representatives from 15 national associations and is still a member of the board of directors.
    • The CLCCR technical committee meets every six months to agree on consolidated positions through the different member states to be taken with regard to international bodies. Agoria represents CLCCR in various working groups of the WP.29 in Geneva - Working Party on General Safety Provisions (GRSG) - and the European Commission - working groups on emissions and technical inspection of vehicles (DG CLIMA, DG GROWTH, DG MOVE) and the Working Group on Motor Vehicles (MVWG, subgroups Framework directive on vehicles, Masses & Dimensions, etc.).