This week an official trade delegation led by Princess Astrid is on a mission in Morocco. The total delegation counts about 220 individual companies of which just over 50 Agoria members. Every day we give a short report. Today: the power lunch banking, organised by the Financial Services Technology Club.

On Wednesday 28 November, the Agoria Financial Services Technology Club organised a power lunch banking in the presence of HKH Princess Astrid.

The focus during the lunch was on the one hand on the Belgian 'savoir-faire' in the technological field for the financial world in which our companies are global players. On the other hand, Moroccan financial institutions of a high standard were represented in numerous numbers.

Belgian companies are welcomed with open arms by Moroccan banks. Just like our own banks, they too are increasingly forced to become IT players in an increasingly digital globalised world, in addition to bankers. Topics such as security, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, etc. also dominate Moroccan banks and insurers.

The companies present included Intix, Contraste, Trustbuilder, Belgian Mobile ID, etc.

Besides this high level lunch our companies also had interesting and exclusive discussions with the CIO's of Maroclear, Attijariwafa bank, the Casablanca Stock Exchange, the Moroccan bank regulator AMMC, BMCI, etc.

For the last time: Greetings from Morocco!