Last week an official trade delegation led by Princess Astrid was on a mission in Morocco. The total delegation counted about 220 individual companies, of which just over 50 Agoria members. In conclusion we go back to the friendly match between a few legends from both countries.

On 28 November, a friendly competition took place between a couple of Legends from both countries, supplemented by the young people of Futsal Molenbeek and Centre communautaire de Sidi Moumen. The kick-off was given by Princess Astrid and Minister Reynders. They also led the award ceremony in the right direction, together with MR politician Pierre Yves Jeholet. 

For Belgium: Filip DE WILDE, Lorenzo STAELENS, Mbo and Emile MPENZA.

For Morocco: Aziz BOUDERBALA, Saïd CHIBA, Mourad HDIOUAD, Badr EL KADDOURI, Noureddine NAYBET.

Minister Reynders underlined in his speech that this is the first time that a couple of ex-Red Devils have been present during a princely mission. According to Peter Demuynck, general manager of Agoria Vlaanderen, it is a perfect combination of the sporting successes and achievements of the members of the Sports & Entertainment Technology Club on the international stage.

Thanks to the Agoria companies, the Marquee in Casablanca became a real mini-football temple filled with more than 600 spectators.

Participating Club and Agoria members

  • Expoline
  • Tarkett GrassMaster
  • Besix
  • Schréder
  • Geomode
  • Dirty Monitor
  • CMI

The devils eventually won the game in the last second.

Greetings from Morocco!