Agoria and Sirris created the “Top Faculty” initiative to foster interactions between our technology industry and top-notch worldwide universities.

It is indeed an accelerator to support competitiveness and innovation to build bridges between our technology industry and a worldwide ecosystem of Top Universities.

Within the “Top Faculty” initiative, we are very proud to present our renewed partnership with MIT, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, number 1 university in the prestigious QS World University Ranking (2012-17). We see this as a first step and are considering other top universities as well.

For 20 years, Agoria and Sirris have built a strong cooperation with MIT through the MIT industrial liaison program (ILP) program. This exclusive program is from now on open to all members of Agoria and Sirris. Don’t miss a chance to connect to this unique ecosystem!

MIT-ILP in a few words

Established in 1948, the MIT Industrial Liaison Program (ILP) is dedicated to create and strengthen mutually beneficial relationships between MIT and corporations worldwide. Over 200 of the world's leading companies partner with the Industrial Liaison Program to advance R&D and business practices.

With continued acceleration of advances in technology and knowledge discovery, the ILP is committed to creating productive interactions with industry.

What services are offered by “MIT Industry Liaison Program” (ILP) ? How to use these services as a member of Agoria or Sirris? 

A/ Top knowledge access :

B/ Specific services :

All these services are included in your membership.

For specific requests (joint research program, meeting with a scaleup, speech by an MIT professor, …), feel free to contact us directly. 

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We hope you will enjoy the services offered by the “Top Faculty” initiative!

Please do not hesitate to spread the word and to contact us if you have any additional question or suggestion.