The Belgian technology sector will restart gradually as of Monday, 4 May, according to Agoria, now that the National Security Council has announced the exit strategy for our country. This exit strategy is the way to go. On Monday, we will continue consultations with all relevant partners to arrive at a guide that is to serve as the key to reboot the companies in our sector as of 4 May.

Agoria issued the following press release (253 kB) in response to the decisions made by the National Security Council on Friday 24 April. 

We are aiming at an economic restart under healthy and safe circumstances. This means in particular keeping sufficient distance on the work floor and protecting employees as and where necessary with protective equipment such as mouth masks.

These are the most relevant decisions of the National Security Council:

  • The decision on the exit strategy is based on considerations of health as well as economic activity. The principle remains to maintain a safe distance between people. The use of mouth masks will play a key role, both in public transport and at the workplace.

  • The exit strategy is phased and includes permanent monitoring of each step. For our companies, the first phase, starting on 4 May, is the most important one. In business-to-business activities, teleworking remains the norm. In addition, the organisation of work must be based on the generic guide drawn up by the High Council for Prevention and Protection at Work on Thursday 23 April (see our article Un guide pour redémarrer votre activité, only available in French or Dutch). This means that social distancing - keeping a distance of 1.5 metres - must be guaranteed as much as possible by deploying work organisation measures. If this is not possible, collective or individual protective equipment or mouth masks must be used.

  • Also important to note is the decision that schools will reopen in phases from 18 May onwards and that childcare will also be accessible to children of parents working in non-crucial sectors or non-essential services.

You will find the prime minister’s press release, with all of Friday’s decisions, here (190,7 kB) (French version). We will send you the ministerial decree with all the details as soon as it will be available.

 We are ready to go for it!