The Sports & Entertainment Technology Club, one of Agoria's seven international business and network clubs, takes ten equestrianism companies under its wing. The club made the announcement in September during the World Breeding Jumping Championships for Young Horses in Zangersheide (Lanaken).

"The economic importance of equestrianism is greater than that of Belgian football," read the heading of this June's edition of Equnews. The equestrianism news site's calculation was based on figures from a Flemish government study during the Football World Cup. The conclusion is remarkable: the equestrianism sector employs 3550 people across 1750 companies. The sector adds € 219 million to the Flemish economy.

The sector is growing, which has not escaped the attention of the Sports & Entertainment Technology Club. "During an international mission to Peru in 2017, which we co-organized with FIT, AWEX and BIE for the Pan-American Games 2019, we thought it would be a good idea to start a subgroup for companies working in the equestrianism sector," says Diego Algaba, the Club Manager. "We started with five companies. Within a year, the number had doubled. The representativeness of the group is significant. These ten companies are strong, well-known brands and complement each other perfectly."

The Club network is extensive and keeps its members up-to-date on interesting business opportunities in Belgium and abroad. International missions allow our members to introduce their products and services to organisers of large international events. "This is exactly what we need," said Bram Vanden Born of BM Service. "On your own, it is hard to get your foot in the door when it comes to international events of that nature. As a group and with the support of Agoria, it is much easier to get a foothold. This is the strength of our group: we can provide a complete concept. Our extensive knowledge of horses in Belgium ensures the know-how and experience to understand what is needed.

The ten companies are:

  • BM Service, equestrian arenas, irrigation systems and horse walkers (Maasmechelen)
  • De Sutter Naturally, gates and fencing (Kampenhout)
  • Equicty, stable management software (Beselare)
  • Equilog Services, worldwide transport of horses (Antwerp)
  • Geerkens-Hippico, equestrian buildings and equipment (Meeuwen)
  • HD Ledshine, LED screens (Denderleeuw)
  • be, estate agents for equestrian properties (Lier)
  • Stal de Eyckenhoeve, sports and trade stables (Geel)
  • Top-Jumps, training equipment (Kampenhout)
  • Govaplast, fence posts and boards and tiles for horse stables (Alken) 

The Sports & Entertainment Technology Club was established in 2005 on an initiative by Agoria and the BOIC. It now consists of more than 80 Belgian companies. Focusing on large sports and entertainment events, the club also has a wonderful track record, including a presence at the FIFA World Cups in Russia and Brazil and the Olympic Games in Beijing, London and Rio de Janeiro.