Textile Machines

The Textile Machines group consists of machine manufacturers that deliver to the textiles industry. This includes companies that develop machines for the production and finishing of fibres, threads and woven fabrics used for clothes and household purposes (sheets, towels, furniture and curtain fabrics, carpets and technical textiles).

Core activities

  • The group represents the members at a European level (CEMATEX, European committee for textile machinery manufacturers) and monitors relevant European policy. 
  • The group supports the members in their business development by providing relevant market information.
  • The group stimulates the business development of Belgian suppliers of textile machines in emerging markets worldwide (Vietnam, Colombia, Uzbekistan, Mexico, Iran, etc.) by organising seminars, roadshows and speed-dating events.
  • The group also organises collective stands for the members at international textile machinery trade fairs.
  • The group influences the agenda for the main international textile machine trade fairs such as ITMA.
  • The group organises technology scouting activities for its members.