No, that's not a spelling mistake in the title. CEX (Customer EXperience) was on the menu at the Agoria Technology Club's annual Summer Event. What was the most enticing eye-candy? Here's our tell-all.

How do you achieve maximum "Agility in Export"? CEX, or Customer Experience, is a key solution. CEX plays an important role in generating new leads and opportunities, on a national and an international market. Hence, it was logical to make it the main theme of this year's Agoria Technology Club's annual Summer Event in Brussels. This year, the event attracted 120 enthusiastic participants.

A handful of companies (iFame, Magnax, Orfit, D!nk and Nexxworks) shared their best practices and vision:

1. Evergreen content: don't sell, educate

Content marketing has become ingrained in most companies. For Orfit bringing a new business to the market or focusing attention on a new website has proven to be a very effective strategy. However, not all content is valuable for your public; its time-bound nature can render it irrelevant over time.

What is the solution? Create evergreen content. Write articles for your target audience with an expected shelf life of about ten years.

Download the Orfit presentation  (554,7 kB)

2. Use of mini-websites

Do you have a new product or service that you would like to bring to market? According to iFame, the best way to showcase this is using a mini-website. You do not need to spend a fortune on it. Retain your authenticity.

Download the iFame presentation  (1,3 MB)

3. Discover the world of social media

Looking for new team members? LinkedIn is the perfect tool for your search. With a sponsored ad costing 700 euros, Magnax was able to immediately attract four new colleagues. It's worth trying!

Download the Magnax presentation  (916,9 kB)

4. Identify your customer

Many companies conduct "sales by hope". But the most important thing in sales is being able to perfectly identify your customers' needs. A number of handy tools on the market can help you do this. Or, as D!nk says, "Get Kodaked or Uberize." 

5. Customer EXperience is key

Independent of how technology changes our lives, the sales process will remain an interpersonal interaction. Nexxworks has a clear message: build your organisation around customer experience. No less than 93% of all purchase decisions are based on past experience and relationships. Customers are in search of your "HEART":

  • Honest
  • Ethical
  • Authentic
  • Responsible
  • Transparent

How to create greater customer intimacy?

  • Ensure operational excellence: use technology and data to prevent mistakes.
  • Forge an emotional bond: make your customer happy.

Download the Nexxworks presentation  (24,5 MB)

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