Agoria has recently been recognised by the NBN as sector operator for ISO/TC 330 “Surfaces with biocidal and antimicrobial properties”.

The scope of ISO/TC 330 is:

Standardization of test methods used to assess the biocidal performance and efficacy of any surfaces with antimicrobial activities, including their compatibility with different families of disinfectants and cleaning agents. Such methods aim at evaluating the biocidal activity (i.e. that which irreversibly inactivates microorganism) and at differentiating it from the biostatic activity (i.e. the inhibition of the growth of microorganisms).

The field covers the assessment of surfaces displaying intrinsic biocidal properties and of surfaces processed by any means so as to deliver biocidal properties under normal environmental conditions for human beings The field targets only surfaces, regardless of their final use.

Areas of interest include medical and veterinary applications, aerospace, agriculture, food, hygiene and other industrial fields, institutional and domestic applications.

Excluded: Toxicological and ecotoxicological surface testing methods, disinfection processes, antimicrobial activities of textile and porous products (including footwear), photocatalysis and nanotechnologies.

The first (virtual) plenary meeting is scheduled for 13/04/2021 from 11.30 till 13.30.

If you are interested to actively participate or follow this new field of standardisation, please contact The participation to standardisation committees managed by Agoria is included in the Agoria membership fee.