The Sports & Entertainment Technology Club Agoria organized a Technology experience tour for The Olympic Games of Tokyo 2020. We were proud to invite Masamitsu Isaka, Procurement Director of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee, Mari Murakami, Procurement advisor Tokyo 2020 of  EY Japan and João Saravia, Procurement Director Rio 2016 and advisor of Tokyo 2020.

The Tokyo 2020 'Experience Tour' had a great start, hosting the Tokyo 2020 delegation, showcasing Belgian realizations during the London 2012 Olympics in Wembley and the Olympic Stadium.

It then continued the next morning with a company visit at Club Member Barco. Many thanks to CEO Jan De Witte, Stijn Henderickx (VP Events) and Inge Govaerts (Corporate Public Relations Manager) for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee delegation! Impressive tour!

It then concluded at Club Member EVS in the afternoon. Many thanks to Nicolas Bourdon, our Clubs' Vice-President (SVP Marketing EVS) and his team for hosting the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee delegation! It was an inspiring tour!

Successful B2B Speed Dating Session on the last day of the Tokyo 2020 ‘Experience Tour’ with representatives of the Tokyo 2020 Organizing Committee where 11 of our members could pitch: Domo Sportsgrass, iXpole, Lapauw, LSE, Mobile Locker, Recreational Systems Europe, Sport Hospitality, Stageco, Sund, Veldeman and Wollux.

This incoming mission was a great success! Many thanks to everyone for participating!