Social regulations and dialogue, labour and salary conditions

Agoria supports member companies in the development and implementation of their personnel policy and advises them on various social issues. The team provides expertise on various social issues such as social and tax legislation, social dialogue, salary and working conditions, job classification, prevention and well-being.

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Core activities

  • Individual services: year after year, the Expertise Centre meets some 20,000 service requests from members - Social Security and taxation of wages, role and functioning of the works council, working hours and flexibility, individual labour agreements, etc
  • Collective services and actions: social information, seminars and workshops, training programs on social relations, software (social elections, etc.), , benchmarks (wage surveys on blue collar and white collar employees, etc.).
  • Collective actions: Agoria represents the technology industry in 9 joint committees (in seven of these JCs, Agoria is even the only employer representative). And, every two years, Agoria leads the sectoral negotiations or takes part in it.  
  • Networking: forums or company groups, working groups, etc.
  • Lobbying: current social subjects (blue-white collar employee status, sustainable employability, labour flexibility, etc.) are discussed with the members within various member consultation bodies (social committee, HR ITC committee, non-ferrous social committee, etc.). Agoria also represents them within organisations, such as the Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB), the Belgian National Social Security Office, the National Employment Office (ONEM/RVA), where it seeks to concretize the views of its members.   
  • In addition, Agoria's "International Employment Experts" specialize in matters related to international employment. The team advises companies (individual services), represents them on European committees, and discusses international social issues with European institutions and organisations (lobbying).