Data and integrated data are at the core of a smart city and essential instruments to support policy and to increase the comfort level of citizens. In this new white paper we provide local policy-makers with a hands-on approach on how to get started with data.

Data and integrated data are at the core of a smart city. Various cities and municipalities are experimenting with data and real-time applications for which they cooperate with companies. The five 2018 Agoria Smart City Award winners are a good example. It gives them confidence in digital applications and in the use of data in policy-making procedures. Unfortunately, not every local policy-maker is convinced that using data to support policy and to increase the comfort level of citizens is a good idea. Many have questions regarding the protection of personal data and cybersecurity. Others question whether the city or municipality should have an open data policy. Vendor lock-in can be prevented if local authorities cooperate with companies. 

Local authorities collect data from their own entity, they have a silo mentality. In a smart city, data is integrated at a higher level including various policy domains. Data is considered to be an essential part of a proactive decision-making procedure, a holistic vision and an organisational advantage. Real-time data is used to support services and performance. 

The white paper “Data, the cornerstone for cities and municipalities of tomorrow” guides you through various topics that are inextricably connected to data. What is required to convert data into a service? What does data architecture look like? What is the power of big data? What does open data mean and which licence models are available? The protection of personal data and cybersecurity are also addressed.

Tips and tricks on how to start collecting data as a local authority through to specific recommendations are also included. As a local authority you can assess the current state of various aspects within your data policy and which factors need your attention to become a connected smart city.