Security and Defence Equipment

The Security & Defence Equipment group consists of companies working on the development, implementation engineering, production, assembly and maintenance of both materials, components, (sub)systems and system software for security services and the armed forces.

Core activities

  • The group represents the members at the European level (ASD, which represents the Aeronautics, Space, Defence and Security Industries in Europe) and monitors European policy related to security and defence programmes, as well as the programmes themselves.
  • The group informs the members regarding relevant regulations, subsidies opportunities and related government activities.
  • The group supports the members in their business development by providing relevant market information, organising activities and events aimed at national and international (NATO) government bodies as customers and organising interaction with OEMs that submit tenders for Belgian government and NATO contracts, organise meetings with international delegations during economic missions or at international trade fairs.
  • For the above activities, the group collaborates with BSDI, a non-profit organisation.