Will technology make our jobs redundant? Could this be a good thing?

The fourth industrial revolution will swallow up 7.1 million jobs between now and 2020 in the world's 15 biggest economies, while only 2 million new jobs will be created in the same period, predicts the World Economic Forum (WEF). And specialised research institutes are also offering prophecies: “Robots will steal our jobs, but they’ll give us new ones”, headlined for example the online version of technology magazine Wired a few months ago, following an interview with an analyst from the American Forrester Institute. 

But how reliable are these predictions? And what do they actually mean for our country? Are we moving towards a society with dream jobs or will our labour market become a nightmare?  

Be sure to save in your diary the date of Wednesday 18 May. During the annual Corporate Event of Agoria held on that day, many such pressing questions will be answered: 

  • The Future of Work

    Specialists from all over the world will bring you “live” the facts and figures with clear explanations, giving you some insight as to what we should really be expecting in the coming years.

  • Which measures do policy makers have to take in our country in the context of the digital disruption? How can we make our own welfare state ‘future proof’?

    Our great leaders’ debate will provide you with sharper insights into the political views on this topic and no doubt give you plenty of food for thought.

  • Get ready for Agoria 4.0

    Agoria was founded 70 years ago, but rather than look back to the past, we would like you to be the first to discover our own future. We will take this opportunity to say goodbye to outgoing President Christ’l Joris and together welcome our new President. 

Are you looking for well-founded answers regarding the labour market of tomorrow? Register today for our Corporate Event 2016!


Wednesday 18 May 2016


Diamant Conference & Business Centre
Bld A. Reyers 80
1030 Brussels

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Free of charge. For Agoria members and invitees only.

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