Do you have ideas or needs for co-development and co-creation with automotive companies in Baden-Württemberg? Then the following opportunity is exactly right for you! On November 5th, the yearly Automotive Suppliers Day Baden-Württemberg is taking place as an on-line event. Last year, Agoria's Transport & Mobility Technology Club participated with a delegation of 9 companies.

On November 5th, the yearly Automotive Suppliers Day Baden-Württemberg is taking place as an on-line event. 

This year, the event includes:

  • morning session with presentations & panel debate. Mainly representatives from the German Automotive industry and politicians, with parallel translation in to English.
  • afternoon session with parallel international pitch sessions

For the international pitch session, Agoria Transport & Mobility Technology Club has been able to obtain a slot of 1 hour in the program, in which we can have pitches of:

  • Belgian companies or startups presenting a co-creation or co-development opportunity.  For example: you are developing a product and are looking for a new/innovative technology to be integrated in this product.  Or: you have a technology and want to develop it further towards serial production readiness with a potential development partner. 
    So not a sales pitch (I have a technology and am looking for customers)
  • Belgian companies or startup presenting insights from a finished project. For example: you have used a new technology for the first time, and want to share the "lessons-learned".  

Very important: since there will be parallel sessions, we will have to compete with the other regions for the attention of the participants.  Therefore it is imperative that we build an interesting session, with valuable collaboration opportunities and insights.

Participating in this pitch session will increase visibility of your company and hopefully deliver you potential collaboration partners.

We already have several companies that will be pitching, but If you also want to pitch your opportunity or insights, please get in touch with Ward Vleegen before Oct 1, 2020.