France has eased the restrictions on employees of foreign companies required to provide services in France. This means that these workers are no longer bound by the entry restrictions which France has provisionally extended until 15 June.

Workers who are nationals of a Member State of the European Union and who must come and work in France as a posted worker may enter France and work there if their assignment cannot be postponed.

What are the obligations?

The French government imposes the following specific obligations as a result of the Covid 19 crisis, which are therefore in addition to the normal obligations in the case of secondment

Before the posted worker arrives on French territory, the principal must send the acknowledgement of receipt of the prior declaration of posting (the sipsi declaration) and all documents justifying the non-delayable nature of the mission (an ordinary written declaration where appropriate) to the following e-mail address:

Posted workers must bring the following documents themselves in order to be able to cross the border:

As an employer, do you have any other obligations if you send your employees to France for a non-extendable assignment?

Your employees must respect the security measures specific to the companies in France where they will work. You can find information on the generally accepted measures as they apply in France, as well as specific overviews of measures per sector on the website of the French Ministry of Employment under the heading “Fiches conseils métiers et guides pour les salariés et les employeurs“.

For the sake of clarity: Belgium does not impose compulsory quarantine for persons travelling within Europe for professional purposes. Therefore, persons travelling from Belgium to France do not have to undergo quarantine unless they show symptoms of the corona virus.

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