Register for the plugathon and participate in the testing on the Flanders HL7 FHIR test server on Tuesday & Wednesday November 3-4. This workshop is part of the plugathon during the IHE-Europe “Connectathon Week” taking place for the first time in Brussels, Belgium.

The Flanders FHIR test environment will be available for testing during the two days of the plugathon. 

The following test scenarios are available for testing:

  • CareTeam: in this scenario, participants will use their tools to create, consult and update the teams
    • Search for a team assigned to a patient
    • Add  a team to the patient for a given care plan, starting with one team member an an undefined role
    • Add more team members based on their eligibility (e.g. seeing if they have therapeutic exclusions)
    • Confirm the team composition
  • Allergy & Intolerance: in this scenario, participants will check the known allergies for a patient, looking at the Belgian specific requirements in terms of mandatory terminologies.
    • Check the known allergies for a patient
    • Add an unconfirmed allergy to the patient - with a text entry
    • Update the allergy with the code for the allergy agent in the SNOMED-CT terminology server that contains the Belgian extensions
    • Update the allergy information with the reaction information
  • Patient: in this scenario, participants will be able to search for and create Patient entries using the Belgian profiles and rules. The test scenario will consist of:
    • Search for a patient on the server using the name and National Number
    • Understand the minimum content for a Belgian Patient entry and create a record for a new patient
    • Enrich the patient with Belgian content - SSIN, Nationality, birth place and multi-lingual address
  • Communication: in this scenario we will create several communication and journal entries. The test scenario will consist of :
    • Posting communication  / journal entries onto the server
    • Getting communication / journal entries from the server about a patient
  • Scheduling: in this scenario you’ll be able to test the scheduling of an appointment. A scheduling simulator will be used to respond to scheduling request. The test scenario consists of the following steps:
    • Retrieval of open time slots for appointments
    • Booking of appointments (i.e. appointment request)
    • Dealing with rejections/updates of appointment requests

This workshop aims to help developers get to know more about the Flanders' DZOP (Digitaal Zorg & Overlegplatform : digital platform for care & communication). 

Note: If you are not familiar with HL7 FHIR and HL7 FHIR API's, we advise you to attend the HL7 FHIR overview, HL7 FHIR API's and HL7 FHIR Belgian architecture & profile workshops that are scheduled on Tuesday March 24, all part of the plugathon.


Experts from VAZG (Flanders Agency for Care & Health) will be available for Q&A. Submit your technical questions in advance (

Make the best out if this workshop and come prepared:

1.  Install postman upfront :

2.  Create an account on Simplifier :

3. Have an XML editor installed  (f.e. Oxygen, XML Spy or a Notepad++ as a free alternative).


Register today as seats are limited