Ewattch, which recently joined Agoria, offers industry solutions for connecting factories and buildings in just a few hours. This is what the company did for Serviplast, another Agoria member, which specializes in plastics injection expertise and services.

From LoRaWAN wireless sensors to supervision software, Ewattch solutions are developed at the company’s head-office in France and can be used to optimize factory and building performance: supervising the machinery fleet, optimizing production, enhancing management of energy consumption, etc. Ewattch also offers solutions for vertical producers in industries such as metalworking, foundry work and plastics. 

Following a very positive experience at Platex (a plastics processing company) in France, Ewattch was keen to offer this solution to other companies in the plastics sector in Belgium. “We decided to look for a cluster dedicated to our target business and found PlastiWIN, of which we’re now a member,” explains Mathieu Chabot, who is Ewattch’s Benelux country manager. “Here, we met Diego Lancksweert, and explained to him the various ways in which we could provide assistance to professionals. He was clearly convinced, and recommended that we meet with Serviplast.”

“During this Covid-19 period, where the demands have been so unusual, IoT systems have demonstrated just how useful they are in terms of guaranteeing continuity of production,” Mathieu Chabot points out. “They enable managers to stay connected to their factory, to monitor its functioning remotely, and to be alerted when problems arise... even if these managers aren’t physically on site. That’s the facility we want to provide to our clients.”


Following a study of their connectivity expectations and needs, Ewattch made an initial visit to Serviplast’s premises to find out more about its machinery fleet. A sketch was then made of the layout of the molding machines, with a view to designing a 2D isometric view of the company’s factory.

Serviplast then embarked on its transition to a new generation of plastics processes. They began by connecting 11 of their injection molding machines, using the Ewattch kit to supervise production and electricity consumption data.

They also equipped a compressor and a free cooler with sensors, to measure their energy consumption. Finally, 6 environmental sensors were installed at various locations within the factory, to measure ambient temperature and humidity.

Plug & Play Solution

Under the supervision of the Ewattch Belgium team, a Serviplast technician installed this solution in their plant. Once it was deployed, the entire solution was up and running in just a few hours. The sensors fitted to Serviplast equipment then began to transmit the data collected to the EwattchCloud platform.

The Ewattch team had previously configured the Serviplast account in order to facilitate handling of the platform by users. Serviplast then personalized its performance dashboards with key information.

Training lasting just a few minutes was all that new users needed to master the platform and gain access to the new data transmitted by their machines:

  • Management of production data: cycle times, remaining production volumes, number of parts produced, etc.
  • Real-time supervision of machine fleet status: machines that are shut down, in production, showing error messages or still warming up.
  • Analysis of energy consumption
  • Plant temperature and humidity.
  • Molding machine data can be consulted directly in situ using augmented reality and a QR code installed on molding machines.
  • And many other features…

Now that the Ewattch Plasturgie solution has been installed, Serviplast can:

  • see exactly how much energy its machines are consuming, including data for individual molding machines.
  • The deployment of this solution means they can now optimize injection molding machines for production purposes and select their preferred machines for operational activities.
  • This initiative has also enabled them to start reducing the plant’s global energy impact.

Benoit Mathelin, Serviplast’s Sales & Project Manager: “Our aim in adopting the solution proposed by Ewattch was twofold: firstly to take an initial step towards Industry 4.0, and secondly to provide ourselves with real-time access to a multitude of information on production in progress, so that we can react rapidly where necessary. The system is also a tool for monitoring our electricity consumption: this data enables us to perform appropriate analysis of how power consumption is distributed across our workshops.”

Lastly, Serviplast is also planning to make adaptations to compressed air distribution and cold production. The company is currently considering the possibility of adding a free-cooling system.

Ewattch is a French company that designs and offers economical and easy-to-deploy Plug&Play solutions for use in connected Industry and Smart Buildings. Ewattch Belgium is the official distributor of Ewattch solutions for the Benelux zone.

Source: https://ewattch-plasturgie.fr/index.php/2020/01/23/serviplast-connecte-son-parc-machine/