ISO/IEC JTC1/WG12 has approved the following new standardisation project: Information technology - 3D Printing and Scanning -- Framework for Additive Manufacturing Service Platform (AMSP).

This standard is developed in response to the needs of mass customization of additive manufacturing technology by taking full advantage of information and communication technology (ICT). Additive Manufacturing Service Platform (AMSP) provides a website or app where users, designers, and manufacturing centres have connections based on their own needs. With the help of an AMSP, customers could purchase specific AM objects/parts and relevant services as they required rather than prebuilt AM equipment and feedstock, and do not have to have skilled staffs nor be professionalized in AM. No up-front costs or investments is required when adopting AMSP.

The proposed work specifies a service platform for additive manufacturing applications and provides service models where users, designers and manufacturing centers interact with each other. Rather than focusing on raw materials, process/equipment, parts and so on, the proposed work aims to offer an online service platform from a global standpoint which will in turn allow JTC 1 "Information technology" to study additive manufacturing from ICT perspective while covering a wide range of different industries.

Please let Agoria know if you want to participate in this development before 1/12/2018.

 ISO/IEC JTC1/WG12 established a Study Group on 4D Printing to understand the current state of standardization relevant to WG 12 "3D Printing and scanning" and to explore a possible role for JTC 1 "Information technology". The mission is to:

  1. Provide a description of key concepts and terminology related to 4D Printing.

  2. Study and document the technological, market and related societal requirements for ICT standardization on 4D Printing.

  3. Study and document current technologies that are being deployed to enable 4D Printing.

  4. Assess the current state of standardization activities relevant to 4D Printing in other relevant ISO and IEC TCs, in other SDOs and in consortia.

  5. Identify and propose how JTC 1 could address ICT standardization needs of 4D Printing.

  6. Provide a progress report to the 2nd WG 12 meeting including recommendations for further study and/or potential NWIPs.