Computerland and NRB, both Belgian ICT service providers, have decided to join forces. The objective: to expand their service offering to better meet the needs of their customers and the imperatives of digital transformation. The need for this transformation has undoubtedly been accelerated by the coronavirus crisis and will be a key element in the post-crisis economic recovery.

The two companies want to jointly create a Belgian ICT group at the service of public organisations and private companies, that has the critical mass and expertise to withstand international competition.

"The decision to move closer to NRB comes as no surprise. NRB was already one of our three largest customers. We are used to working together, whether on an ad hoc basis to supplement the staffing of specific projects, or in consortia to jointly work on large contracts. Joining the NRB Group creates great opportunities for Computerland and its collaborators", explains Quentin Poncelet, CEO of Computerland.

Pascal Laffineur, CEO of the NRB Group, clarifies the broader strategy behind this decision: "Digital transformation is a strategic issue for the competitiveness of our country's businesses, for the efficiency of our public services and for the performance of our healthcare and social services. However, the accelerated completion of this digitisation requires a range of skills and an ecosystem of partners that, apart from NRB, only the major international players in the information technology sector can offer. We want to offer our customers from the private and the public sector a "made in Belgium" alternative. Today, we are taking an important step by joining forces with an existing recognized player to complete our service offering and to extend our services to all market segments, including medium-sized companies that are a key driver of the Belgian economy".

NRB becomes the majority shareholder of Computerland. Computerland will remain a separate legal entity within the NRB Group. There will be no change in the company's management either, since

Quentin Poncelet will retain his responsibilities as CEO. The company’s organisation, location and mission remain unchanged.

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