The group consists of the importers, distributors and service centres of metal tooling and metal work machines, tools for these machines, welding equipment, measuring equipment or automation, software and support activities for this type of equipment.

Core activities

  • The group represents the members at the European level in CELIMO (the European Trade Association for Machine Tools, Tooling and Technologies) and monitors European policy.
  • They strive to increase visibility of the Belgian machine tool and tooling suppliers in related industries by participating at national events and trade fairs such as MACHINEERING in Brussels and MNE in Kortrijk (Belgium).
  • The group supports the members in their business development by providing relevant market information, organising activities and events aimed at potential end customers and the collaboration with industry associations for the metal-working industry in Belgium.
  • The group collaborates with education and training organisations to improve the image of the metal-working industry and to ensure there are enough people with the technical background required to find new staff.
  • The group organizes information sessions and workshops to increase the knowledge level of the members.
  • The group informs the members regarding regulations, subsidies opportunities and activities within the framework of companies of the future, including Made Different.