The Agoria memorandum makes concrete recommendations to support technology companies, growth and employment. In preparation for the 2019 elections, Marc Lambotte answers 3 questions

1/ What do you believe should be the first step the new federal government takes based on the memorandum?

The government should protect the international competitiveness of our technological companies. Our growth is slowing down and we need to implement measures. The labour cost handicap has to be decreased further and this should be covered by decreasing the costs of the government bodies.

2/ Can you tell me to what extent Agoria's recommendations are also essential for society in general?

Agoria's recommendations are aimed to increase welfare and prosperity. We want everybody that can work to work, in a country where we do not have to worry about our energy sources, where fast mobility is guaranteed, where the government apparatus is not excessively expensive thereby lowering the tax burden, where healthcare is efficiently organised, where we can live safely and where we embrace the digital society to protect our future.  

3/ Setting up recommendations is good. Acting is better. What is Agoria going to do to support the realisation of the recommendations?

Agoria will always be ready to elaborate specific measures in collaboration with the government. Our experts are available to convert ambitions for a prosperous Belgium into reality through both action and consultation services. We will continue to propose specific solutions, as we have done before, regarding energy, mobility and digital agenda issues.

Discover here the full Agoria memorandum: