Celebratory news on this Europe Day: The European Commission frees € 2 million for the European scaling up of the Belgian Made Different project. Agoria, supported by Sirris and 15 partners in various European areas, is taking charge of this project which is essential to Belgian manufacturing companies.

Seven years ago, Agoria and Sirris proudly created the Made Different programme. Seven transformation domains were selected to receive financial support from the Flemish government. Once the programme was successfully completed, these manufacturing companies would become Factories of the Future. The programme has since been extended to Wallonia and the food, textile and furniture industries have joined the programme. Belgium currently has twenty Factories of the Future. These show that smart automation and digitisation can lead to sustainable growth in a manufacturing company in a country such as Belgium.

During the next three years, Agoria and the selected partners will start up the following activities within the new project and implement these for the European manufacturing industry:

  1. Development and testing of a coherent European methodology to help transform (SME) manufacturing companies into Factories of the Future.
  2. Promoting this methodology through communications and intensive training courses to a wide variety of European innovation partners.
  3. Setting up learning networks of Factory of the Future champions.
  4. Establishing and promoting a European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre.
  5. Organising a European Factory of the Future Award event.

Great news for Belgian manufacturing companies

In view of the fact that Belgian manufacturing companies often sell to a European market (Newtec, JTEKT, Borit, etc.) or form part of a European or even global multinational group (Continental, TE Connectivity, Daikin, etc.), this project will mainly contribute towards European recognition of the Made Different transformation programme launched in Belgium in 2011. Belgian technology providers (Arkite, Ometa, Objective, etc.) as well as Belgian manufacturing companies will therefore be able to position themselves better in new international markets and towards new international customers.

We will gladly keep you informed regarding this programme in the future.