This week an official trade delegation led by Princess Astrid is on a mission in Morocco. The total delegation counts about 220 individual companies of which just over 50 Agoria members. Every day we give a short report. Today: the visit of the Building & Urban Technology Club to Rabat.

We started with a breakfast under the chairmanship of HKH the Princess Astrid, in the presence of the Minister of Housing Fihri and the Minister of Transport Amara. This is a great opportunity for the Belgian companies to make high-level contacts in this country, where the state remains the main decision-maker in large construction and infrastructure projects.

Breakfast was followed by a seminar with 150 Belgian and Moroccan participants. A success for the construction and infrastructure sector, which employs 1 million people and aims to build 300,000 homes and 4 new cities by 2021. Moroccan public and private speakers presented the plans for the new city of Mazagan, a 1,300 ha project that is now starting and will have 150,000 people by 2030.

The icing on the cake was the symbolic projects such as the new Belgian embassy in Rabat, built by Cosimco or the future Mohammed VI tower that BESIX will build. This was an opportunity for Sylvie Kedzierski, the Club's business group leader, to present our technological pearls and introduce our members to these important Belgian and Moroccan customers.

Greetings from Morocco and... See you tomorrow!