Will you be attending the Annual Assembly of Agoria’s Technology Clubs on 5 December at BluePoint Brussels? Sign up soon, because we have a whole lot in store for you.

3 good reasons to attend

  1. First, you’ll be welcomed in a breakout session, hosted by the Technology Club of your choice and animated by guest speakers who are authorities in your field of interest. Check out more details below. 
  1. Next up is an inspiring plenary session about ambition, perseverance and top performance in a highly challenging environment. No chance to get bored with keynote speakers Dixie Dansercoer andJulie Brown, and their chilling story about “Surpassing Sastrugi”. 
  1. And as tradition would have it, the Annual Assembly concludes with a networking cocktail, providing you plenty of opportunities to get in touch with other Agoria and Club members.

So what are the Club breakout sessions about? 

  • Energy Technology Club

The need for green energy molecules is rapidly growing. Power-to-gas is seen as one of the key solutions to produce them from renewables. Part of that power-to-gas option may well be initiated offshore, or at least from offshore wind. For instance, abandoned oil and gas platforms in the North Sea can be profitably converted into production and storage units that convert electricity from offshore wind farms into hydrogen and synthetic gas.

“A positive business case can be made for this application if the gas can be sold to a dedicated niche market for green gas, e.g. the chemical industry or the transportation sector,” notes the New Energy Coalition research team led by professor Catrinus Jepma.

Catrinus Jepma is professor of Energy and Sustainability at the University of Groningen, senior fellow at the New Energy Coalition (NEC), president of the European Research Institute for Gas and Energy (ERIG), and chairman of JIN Climate and Sustainability. He was the project coordinator and scientific director of a large number of research projects and advises various bodies, including the Netherlands government, on various issues, including energy and climate policy issues.

After the Club activities’ presentation for 2020, we will have the honor to welcome Professor Catrinus Jepma to present the need for green energy molecules and offshore solutions.

  • Transport & Mobility Technology Club

Together with our guest speakers from FAST Automotive and Athlon Car Lease we will discuss the transition of the automotive industry, with a focus on electrification. We'll look at the changing supply chain, but also question if the end customer is really ready for this transition. 

  • Building & Infra Technology Club

We are proud to present you a big (and Belgian!) name from the world of architectural engineers. Klaas de Rycke, regularly participates in international conferences on engineering and complex geometry. His CV is impressive, but so is above all his approach to architecture. He will tell you more about some key projects he did and how technologies and innovation impact their conception.

Klaas De Rycke started his collaboration with Bollinger + Grohmann in November 2003. He worked at the company's headquarters in Frankfurt until 2005. In 2007, he created the Bollinger + Grohmann agency in Paris, which now has about forty employees. Since 2015, Klaas De Rycke has also managed the Bollinger + Grohmann office in Brussels and is responsible for the company's development in Belgium. He is now a partner of Bollinger + Grohmann Holding AG

Bollinger+Grohman is an impressive international engineering agency with 250 colleagues in 10 countries. The agency is particularly renowned for its work in the field of structures, facade engineering, glass roofs and complex structures. 

  • Food & Beverage Technology Club

Together with our guest speakers from Bilfinger – Tebodin,  we will discuss the Scalable & Future-Proof Solutions including VR Demonstration, with a focus on the Pit-stop. 

We'll look at the changing supply chain, but also question if the end customer is really ready for this transition. 

  • Sports & Entertainment Technology Club

Bart Verhaeghe, President of Club Brugge, will challenge you to be more daring. Bart Verhaeghe is president of Club Brugge and real estate group Uplace. He is also founder and chairman of Itinera. Passion and enthusiasm are key in all his activities. The drive to always improve also reflects in his concern for our social welfare. That’s why he pleads for more ambition and guts. For Verhaeghe, it’s all about daring. Dare to change, dare to take risks, dare to name problems, dare to follow your passion, dare to live. But above all: dare to dream!

  • Financial Services Technology Club 

Together with our guest speaker Bjorn Cumps, Professor of Management Practice at Vlerick Business School, we’ll focus on platforms and ecosystems in financial services. Bjorn Cumps is a professor of Financial Services Innovation & FinTech at Vlerick Business School with a passion for banking and technology. Join us to explore the impact of the new digital mind-set on the reshaping of our current financial landscape. 

Make sure to be part of this inspiring, informative and fun networking event.

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