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Lean Benchmark Tour @ Porto 17/4 - 19/4/ 2018


Why I shouldn't miss this opportunity ?

This unique Lean lead experience will help your personal and professional growth as an inspiring leader “leading Lean”. This Lean Benchmark tour will provide you the opportunity to see, to feel and experience first-hand impressions of various Lean best practices from leading Lean excellence organisations.  

What can I expect ?

You can certainly expect to be inspired and you will be able to establish the magnitude of the opportunity for yourself and you will be able to generate ideas that will contribute to your “vision of excellence”.  

How will I benchmark?

Always be openminded and look for the company’s positive characteristics and improvements. So look beyond market and industry differences and ask for the aspects why the company is achieving best practice and learn from them. Also share ideas & best practice because each company is giving their time to provide us an excellent learning opportunity.

The visit will focus on Lean concepts such as Policy deployment, Value stream teams, Daily Management, Standard Work, Problem Solving, Visual Management, Innovation, lean office, Ind. 4.0 and Self-steering teams. 

Who will join you ?

Directors, operation managers and department heads Lean , WCM & OPEX managers and experts.  

Sharing ideas and best practice makes us all stronger 

Bosch Security system (Ovar, 17/4/2018)Leading @ Manufacturing excellence “Excellent in getting things done” 

Bosch Security Systems is an electronic manufacturing services provider of video surveillance cameras, communication systems and fire detection systems. A wide range of complex products with low volume and highly fluctuating demand gives a constant challenge to adapt all the processes to ensure high flexibility towards customer requirements.   Bosch Ovar has implemented a clear systematic for strategy deployment (from Vision to daily management) with priority setting and resources allocation for improvements. Their Best practice continual improvement loop or methodology is the way to excellence. It brings efficiency, effectiveness, accountability, transparency. Also their industry 4.0 approach brings sustainable success through innovation. They are developing new innovated manufacturing processes which is crucial to reach the target time to market and planning in real time. Bosch Ovar is one of the best among the best organizations, learning from others, sharing with others.  

  • 2014: EFQM Kaizen Lean Prize & BPS European Benchmark Tour
  • 2016: EFQM Excellence Award Finalist 2017: Winner “Cleverle”:  from idea to success  

Junkers Bosch TT ( Aveiro, 18/4/2018)Leading @ Lean culture “Excellent Lean Ind 4.0 & lean office culture” 

Bosch Thermo technology is the European market leader and third world manufacturer of water heaters for Buderus, Junkers, Bosch, Leblanc, Vulcano and other brands/ third parties. The plant in Aveiro is the centre of competence of instantaneous water heaters within Bosch and responsible for the design and development of new devices as well as its production and product management. Over the past few years, the company has introduced a number of innovations in the world of water heaters. Innovative products and industry 4.0 approach have become reference points. In addition to innovative products the company continuously improves its own processes with the strong support and participation of all its employees. They focus not only on teamwork@manufacturing but have also set a benchmark in lean office/administration and lean culture for continues improvement in indirect area's. They have been recently recognized as one of the best companies to work in Portugal.

  • 2015: Best Value Stream Award (MTO)
  • 2016: Best TT Plant
  • 2016: Bosch Quality award
  • 2017: Bosch Inventor Award 

AMORIM   (Lamas, 18/04/2018)Leading organization @ Tradition “Excellent Quality by innovation” 

Corticeira Amorim is one of the largest, most entrepreneurial and dynamic multinationals of Portuguese origin and its stopper division is the world leading producer and supplier of cork closures with more than 15 000 winery clients, including some of the world's most renowned wine producers. Because of each of these clients, Amorim continuously aims for excellence through entrepreneurial vision, responsibility, creativity, innovation and with respect for heritage and the environment!  They also aim for a detailed focus upon improving quality through process optimization and lean improvements while, simultaneously, implementing an encompassing production automation effort, for added quality, productivity and safety. The resulting and unprecedented investment in R&D, Innovation and creative thinking led the ground for a brand new dimension to the cork stopper business.

  • 2012: Kaizen Lean Award & Seal of Sustainability Gold Award

SONAE (Porto, 19/4/2018)Leading  @ Innovation & Talent  “Excellent Values driven learning organization”

SONAE MC is the food retail market leader and benchmark in Portugal. They are a trust‐based organization with deep rooted values and beliefs which are embedded in their DNA as unique culture. (People are their most important asset). Sonae is clearly focused on continuous learning & improvement and innovation as part of daily activities. They generate hundreds of ideas every year, which contribute to their leadership positions and establish Sonae as a benchmark company. They invest in the development of their individual and collective values, the people and their skills and thereby further enrich their culture. Throughout the years, this has been the key factor of their success. They believe this is the only way they will overcome whatever current and future challenges their businesses may face.  Sonae was also the first company in Portugal to implement Lean & Kaizen in retail and is even mentioned as a case study in the book ‘Gemba Kaizen 2012’. They have managed the implementation of lean practices in its food retail stores (hypermarkets and supermarkets). Lean’s focus on simultaneously reducing waste and improving is especially attractive in their business environment with demanding customers.  

  • 2015: Best Technology Site & The Best Company for Leadership
  • 2016: European Excellence Award Retail 2016 & Distribution Masters 2016
  • 2016 : Logistics Excellence Award & Innovation Awards 2016
  • 2016: 1st prize Kaizen Institute in the category of Large Companies ‐ Services
  • 2017:  The most attractive Portuguese company for young talents (Top 3 Sonae, Google and Microsoft, 22.5% would like to work at Sonae )  

Interested, join our Benchmark Tour   Lean lead & Agoria members : Early bird Tour Fee until 17/3/2018 : 1590 euro excl btw , all included *
After 15/3 and no members : Tour Fee 1790 euro  * Included: flight, accommodation, meals, visits, transportation during the tour. Personal incidentals excluded.

For more details of the program or registration, please contact Quenis Gino (+32 487 47 49 88 - gino.quenis@leanlead.be).   


Monday 16 April 2018, 08:00 - 23:59




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Lean lead & Agoria members : Early bird Tour Fee until 17/3/2018
1590 euro excl btw , all included *
After 15/3 and no members : Tour Fee 1790 euro * Included: flight, accommodation, meals, visits, transportation during the tour. Personal incidentals excluded.

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