Industrial Automation

The Industrial Automation group consists of companies that supply products, systems and specific solutions for the automation of machines, systems, equipment and production lines for the production industry, the process industry, infrastructure and all other areas where industrial automation is applied.

Core activities

  • The Industrial Automation group aims to promote and stimulate the daily activities and business development of the member companies.
  • The group organises various events with member companies and their customers, with other Agoria members who are not members of this specific group, with customer groups and professional associations in Belgium.
  • The group co-organises the INDUMATION reference trade fair, where more than 70% of the floor surface is occupied by Agoria members.
  • The group informs its members on financial developments, investments in the industry and relevant legislation.
  • The group promotes Industrial Automation within various interest, influence and lobby groups (customers of various industry branches, research companies, students as potential future employees, the government, control bodies, education institutes, media, etc.).
  • The group works on the promotion of IO-link technology, though the IO Link Group Belgium, which was founded by the members of the Industrial Automation group (see also