In order to ensure the stability of the European standardization system and to provide legal certainty and continuity at technical and policy level to all the experts contributing to the development of European standards, CEN and CENELEC agreed, at their General Assemblies of 23 November, to apply a transition period from the date of Brexit (expected to be 29 March 2019) until 31 December 2020.

During this transition period, BSI will continue to have its full member's rights and obligations, independent from the political agreement, or otherwise, between the EU and the UK.

This approach protects BSI and its UK stakeholders after the "Brexit" date, maintaining amongst other their membership of Technical Bodies, chairmanship and secretariats, and establishes a safety net to protect CEN and CENELEC against legal uncertainties. This will ensure the necessary stability at technical and policy level, independent from the political scenarios between the EU and the UK, so that the system can have sufficient time and information to adjust.

In the course of this transition period, CEN and CENELEC will gather, in coordination with BSI, more information on the political situation within the EU and the UK, and its impact on market access through standards. These elements will help determine the CEN and CENELEC developments with regard to the membership criteria and membership status of BSI after 2020. At the same time, CEN and CENELEC will ensure the update of their respective by-laws so that they are consistent and capable of dealing with similar situations in the future.

BSI has welcomed the above decision by the CEN and CENELEC General Assemblies and has expressed its commitment to cooperate with the other CEN and CENELEC members in this process.

This is an important moment for the CEN and CENELEC system, within a challenging political environment. CEN and CENELEC will ensure that the sustainability of the system and the interests of the European industry and stakeholders are given primary consideration in the relevant decisions.