Iter "the way" (Latin) (Belgium = member)

DISCOVER ITER INĀ  3:40 minutes

  1. What is ITER?

ITER is an international nuclear fusion research and engineering megaproject, the world's largest magnetic confinement plasma physics experiment. Its main purpose is to demonstrate the technical feasibility of fusion as a future energy source.

The fusion reactor aims to demonstrate the principle of producing more energy from fusion processes than is required to initiate them, something that hasn't ever been achieved before in any of the existing experimental nuclear fusion machines in the world.

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There is a Belgian ITER coordination unit and its goal is to optimally inform Belgian companies regarding the ITER project and to involve them in its realization. The coordination unit also fulfils the role of Belgian Industrial Liaison Officer (ILO) within the ITER ILO network. This is a network of ITER coordination cells in support to the European companies participating in ITER. The coordination unit provides explanation with respect to the Belgian participation in ITER. It ensures international harmonization of the efforts and promotes the possible participation of Belgian companies in international consortia for ITER projects.

The tasks of the unit are performed by Agoria, assisted by the Belgian members of the fusion association Euratom/the Belgian State. The unit is actively supported via funding from the FPS Economy, SME's, Middle Class and Energy.

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