Network Rail has appointed Transurb/LGM, as leading providers of training material, to develop training material for the Digital Railway Programme. This training material is intended for drivers and traction maintenance personnel and is specific to the European Train Control System (ETCS).

To develop this material, Transurb and LGM have formed a partnership to bring together the training design expertise by Transurb and the training engineering skills by LGM.
Transurb's background in ETCS training goes back to over a decade; and more specifically, four years ago it started ETCS training for engineers and managers. LGM has developed a high value expertise in designing, developing, conducting and managing training programmes. Transurb/LGM will create customized training solutions through a proven methodology with a blended learning approach.
Transurb/LGM will work with Network Rail Training, Train Operating Companies and Freight Operating Companies on this far-reaching project that will make it possible to deploy more ETCS projects in the future.
The industry will benefit from the innovative technology developed by Transurb, including its e-learning platform TrainLab. TrainLab is conceived for the rail sector and will allow the learner to discover how ETCS works. With TrainLab, the learner will understand procedures in real conditions thanks to the virtual 3D reconstruction of the train. TrainLab works on all portable devices so learners can train anywhere at any time. TrainLab perfectly completes in-person theoretical lectures and training sessions on real machines.

Moreover, the know-how in training engineering brought by LGM will make the program more efficient thanks to a robust methodology based on the ADDIE* framework. LGM will translate the customer's training needs into the training design and ensure all training requirements are covered. It will allocate the adequate learning methods and means, based on a blended learning approach. LGM will also make sure that the technical reference system is correctly integrated in the learning media.
LGM will also certify that the exported safety requirements from the design team and from documentation are properly implemented in the training material.