P&V Elektrotechniek was awarded, for the fourth time, the project for the 400-Volt low-voltage panels, as well as the PLP project, by Infrabel, the infrastructure manager of the Belgian railways.

The total project will run for a maximum period of five years, and will provide employment for 35 to 40 people.

Ensuring constant power

A significant part of the project are the panels for the PLP boxes along the rail network, which are responsible for controlling the signalling, barriers, switches, the GSM network for engine drivers, etc. The main purpose of this panel is the distribution of electrical power, if necessary switching over to the emergency power supply and monitoring whether there are effective power supplies.


A second part is the 400-Volt low voltage distribution panels, the beating heart of each installation. These panels will be deployed for both new Infrabel installations and for replacement installations. As a licence holder of Schneider Electric & Automation, P&V has opted to use mainly equipment from these two leading manufacturers of electrical equipment. 

Competitive at European level 

“The project was awarded in a European tender procedure,” says Koen Pellaers, Sales & Marketing Director at P&V. “We are proud of the fact that we, as a Belgian company, were able to win this contract and that it can be fulfilled here in our premises.”

The contract was awarded based on price, technical conformity, the quality plan that we submitted, and the delivery time. “It was a complex dossier involving five people working on it for six weeks,” Koen Pellaers explains. “Because safety is the main issue here, a great deal of attention was devoted to how quality and reliability could be assured. Our working methods meet all the applicable standards and safety regulations. At the same time, we managed to be competitive, even at European level.”

Since the company's foundation, quality has been a central pillar of  P&V’s story. The panel builder is a leader in its sector. In the case for Infrabel, all these elements came together nicely, enabling P&V to make a contribution to the many projects that the railway infrastructure manager has in store.  

Revealing great flexibility 

“This new agreement is further proof of the experience and expertise of P&V Elektrotechniek in such cases, its advanced technical knowledge, and its great flexibility," adds Joris Vrancken, CEO of P&V Elektrotechniek. “The panels will be ordered on demand. All the cabinets have different parameters, depending on the local Infrabel installation, so we can't assemble them in advance. Thanks to our large capacity of people and resources, we can respond very quickly and flexibly to Infrabel’s demands.” Another advantage of P&V is that it thoroughly tests all the cabinets for their complete functionality. “So, the cabinets are supplied Plug and Play. That makes installation faster and easier. The tests are also a guarantee for the operating safety of the entire installation,” Joris adds. The total project will run for five years and will employ 35 to 40 people. P&V is still growing, and is constantly looking for panel builders. 

About P&V Elektrotechniek

P&V Elektrotechniek designs and assembles high performance low voltage panels. Since its foundation in 1986 the company has concentrated solely on its core business and has grown to become one of the most important players in this sector in Belgium. The company employs 200 people and produces both custom-made as well as serial products for industry, utility companies, OEMs, integrators and installation companies.