Food Equipment

The Food Equipment group consists of Belgian manufacturers, importers and installation engineers for food production equipment and systems in hotels, restaurants and catering companies, bakeries, patisserie, butchers, companies, schools, healthcare facilities, hospitals, care institutions, prisons which include a professional kitchen and other related areas (storage, dish-washing, waste processing and other areas).


  • The Food Equipment group was established to collect and process information on legislation within the industry, on installation engineer training courses and to add value to the profession as a whole.
  • The legislation developments regarding public tenders, the obligation to take back equipment and food contact issues are frequently discussed with the members during the group meetings.
  • The group collaborates with educational institutions to create training courses on electricity, gas and water connections and on sales.
  • The members developed a Food Equipment Quality (FEQ) certificate for companies that provide consultations services, installation engineers that install the systems and put them into operation and/or provide maintenance services in professional kitchens and related areas. The objective is to improve the image of the profession as a whole and ensure the perceived value increases.
  • The group organises visits to various institutions to collect information on trends and developments in professional kitchens and related areas.