EUROTRANS, the European platform for the Gears and Transmissions sector, has developed an extensive and all-encompassing modular Gear Training Program. This program has been running since 2010 and is organized in three European countries: Belgium, Germany and the UK. Meanwhile 19 trainings were organized with over 300 participants. Provided by top gear trainers, the training covers every possible aspect in their domain - from geometry and design, through production, to quality control and failure analysis.

In October of this year, it is time for another edition of the module on Geometry and Design. This module is organized in Munich in close collaboration with FVA GmbH and the University of Munich FZG, Germany. 

During this 5-days course, this part of the training program explores a wide range of topics, including:

  • Gear geometry for spur and helical gears;
  • Basic definitions of concepts such as single gear, gear pairs, mesh and special gears, and planetary gears;
  • An introduction to gear rating, relevant stress parameters, rating of bending, pitting, scuffing, slow speed wear, micropitting and flank breakage;
  • Standardized gear methods in ISO, bending, pitting, scuffing and micropitting. 

The entire subject matter is extensively illustrated with examples and best practices.

Please note that special prices apply for Agoria and other Eurotrans members. 

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This course will be held at the FVA GmbH, Business Campus Munich, Parkring 6, Garching bei Munchen, Germany 

Where to stay?

Room reservations should be made directly with the hotel. Accommodation is not included in the price.

Hotel Hoyacker Hof – block booking code: Eurotrans
Freisinger Landstrasse 9a, 85748 Garching bei München
Tel: +49 (0) 89 32 69 900

If you are interested to participate in this training program, please send your contact details to and we will keep you informed. 


Monday 21 October 2019 - Friday 25 October 2019


University of Munich, Germany
Business Campus Munich
Parkring 6
Garching bei München



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Special conditions apply for Agoria members and members of the other associations of Eurotrans.